I know it's been an awfully long time since I've posted on here, and nobody probably reads this blog anymore, but that's okay. I'm just going to use it as my own little outlet for now.

Originally, I hadn't planned to post anything again...the reason being that I felt that I didn't have anything to post anymore. But every now and then, I'd want to just type something, write something, something which I couldn't talk about, and didn't do any good being chewed back and forth in my mind (I think my mind started to chew itself). I tried simply typing it into Notepad...but felt that it was all for nought when I would press close and not save it.

Thus, this blog comes back into use purely because I didn't want my typing to all go to the bin, and if I saved the file then it would sit on my computer forever, and when opened again to be read, I'd feel utterly stupid. There's just something different about posting on a blog.

But I digress from what I originally wanted to write.

There are times, when you're on a fence. You can either sit on that fence, and be perfectly fine and content, or you can choose to jump off and walk to either side.
My fence only has one side for me to walk, but I'm not sure whether I want to jump off the fence. I'm not even sure whether I'm ever going to, or whether I'm supposed to. Maybe a fence is a really bad metaphor (on second thought, it is really bad).
Sometimes there are things that we can make decisions for. Decisions whether we want to pursue, or to leave quiet. But what if, when pursued, it doesn't yield a favourable result? I'm not worried about myself, I only worry about others that may be affected during pursuit, if in the case that I realise that the pursuit hasn't resulted in what I expected, and so I stop and realise that it should have been left quiet.
Yet again, if I don't pursue, then I will never know. I will never know what the possible result could have been. Maybe I'm scared to know. I'm scared if it doesn't turn out positive, and turns out negative instead.

At the moment, it seems most likely that I will jump off that fence. But Lord, please help me, Holy Spirit guide me, and if it doesn't result, forgive me.
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  1. Evan Ritchie Says:

    There will always be creepy people like me to read this :).

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that inaction is the same as leaving it up to God. It's rare to see God work through inaction.

    You'll have a good idea if it seems like a good thing :). You're a clever one :).

    P.S. I need some mor anime to watch. Any recommendations? I'd recommend AnoHana if you haven't already seen it. And Madoka's pretty good. :)

  2. naivechild Says:

    Hahaha, thanks for your advice. I agree, inaction does nothing, hence why it's highly likely that I pursue...and it's also no fun wondering "what could have been"...

    I've seen Madoka, quite good! I haven't been watching a lot of things lately...correction, I haven't watched anything lately lol...and I watched shoujo mostly, so I'm not much help ^^"

  3. Evan Ritchie Says:

    Are you kidding?

    My favourite anime is Ouran.

    I love Shoujo.


    Also- Ganbatte~!

  4. naivechild Says:

    Ah...I realise now that I had mistaken "Madoka" for "Madlax"...the very long time is which I haven't watched anime is now very obvious. lol.

    But Madlax is still good! If you want to watch it...I think by now, you've probably watched a lot of series that I watched, especially as all I have are old series...

    Have you seen Kaichou wa Maid-sama? I liked that one, also Kimi ni Todoke is also pretty cute...
    For something less shoujo, the only one that I've watched lately is Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, it's similar to Ghost Hunt if you've watched that.

    If you've already seen them, gomen na~~ XD
    I'm not much help in this area anymore :P

  5. Evan Ritchie Says:

    Oh, but you are! Thanks for the tips~!

    I needed something girly to watch. I've just finished watching Star Driver, which wasn't too bad. WAAAAYYY too much fanservice, though. Do they really need bondage outfits as their club uniform?! Sheeesh!

    But the characters are SUPER pretty- so pretty in fact, that I may have purchased some models...

    I'm terrible...

    Oh, and I went to manifest:


    How's Uni going?

  6. naivechild Says:

    Here's another girly one for you: Otome Yokai Zakuro (once again, if you haven't watched it) when I first heard that it was about girls with cat ears, my reaction was "huh?!" but it was good and grew on me :)

    I think I might have mentioned to you already, so you might have watched it already, but in the case that I have, another of my favourites is Niju-Menso no Musume :) it's good!

    Ah yes, I already saw your posts about manifest and your little action figures :P

    Uni is going okay...slowly getting there, lots to do this month! At least two assessments due every week, but I'm getting there :)

    So how's everything on your end of town?

  7. Evan Ritchie Says:

    Stuff's really good here :).

    I'm stressed about assessment, but meh. It's not too bad, really. I just need to knuckle down and do it.

    You read it already? I didn't know you read my blog :). I suppose I have linked to that post on facebook... Several times...


    Sweet! I'm keeping a list of anime to watch :). After next week, I'll just be preparing for the wedding, and applying for jobs, so I should have more time for anime :).

    I miss Melbourne. A lot.


    Bendigo's pretty, but I miss a faster pace. I'm a slow moving kinda guy, but I like a whirlwind around me :).

  8. naivechild Says:

    Haha, I'm in the same boat, definitely need to knuckle down and do it!

    Haha yes, I do read it every now and then, because I'm a creepy person just like you :P

    Oh la lah~ when's the wedding?

  9. Evan Ritchie Says:

    December 10th :)

    I can't wait!!


    Yay for creepy people :).